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  • Bolt H2O Softener™ for Home & Garden

The Bolt H2O™ Home Unit softens hard water without salts. Install inline at your homes main line, the Bolt H2O™ Softener Home Unit improves the ability of water to dissolve waste and other compounds. This highly efficient water replaces the needs for expensive and inconvenient salt softeners (which are also destructive to our environment), helps reduce cleaning detergents by 30%, extend the life of your plumbing and hardware, and reduces buildup on your shower heads, toilets and faucets.

Benefits throughout your home include:

• Reduces water use 20% for irrigation and enhances the benefits for lawns, vegetable gardens, flower beds, and all plants and trees 
• Improve taste of water, food and beverages made with treated water
• Softens entire water system without chemicals or maintenance! 
• Cuts detergent use in half by increasing dissolvability 
• Reduces discharge of chemicals into the environment 
• Reduces need for shampoo, soaps and cleaners
• Less residue on shower screens, floor & walls
• Less scale buildup in pipes and shower heads
• Water efficiency for cooking and cleaning
• Cuts the need for fertilizers 10-30%.
• Softer skin and hair!

Bolt H2O Softener (Stainless Steel 1.25")

MG-Rainbolt-1.25-SS (Bolt H2O Softener 1.25")

Product Description

Soften your water without the use of salts! The Magnation Bolt H2O Softener unit is used to treat all water coming into your home.

The H2O Home Softener unit needs no maintenance. One time plumbing installation recommended.

Built to last 10 to 15 years.

One year satisfaction guarantee, seven-year limited manufacturers warranty.

3/4" pipe diameter, stainless steel 316 body, anodized aluminum sleeve. Measurements indicated above are for external dimensions.

Made in USA.


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