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  • Magnation's Springbolt™ gives you the best of healthy water wherever you go. Place it on your filtered water spigot at home, showerheads, faucets, your garden hose or sprinkler line. Handy for travelers and gym visits, hotel stays and anywhere you may shower or drink water. 

Not only soften water and use less shampoos and soaps, but make your water healthier by removing chlorines, and your wine softer and healthier with sulfites dissipated into a gaseous state.

Springbolt (3/4")


Product Description

Springbolt is a multi-purpose unit meant for use in home, on the go, or for enhancing individual irrigation spots. Clamp device as close as possible to water discharge. 

3/4" Springbolt will work best with a pipe (aluminum, copper, plastic) up to 3/4” in diameter, or use to treat fuel while filling up to stretch your gas!

Boost the effectiveness of our residential Bolt H2O Softener by adding Springbolt to your appliance water lines, faucets and showers. 

The spring unit needs no maintenance. Easy to pull apart and fit on to a pipe. Comes with 1-year limited manufacturers warranty. Expected lifespan: 10+ years.

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