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  • Turbulator™ for high-salt issues

Magnation® Turbulator™ transforms hard mineralized water into rainlike water for optimal soil infiltration, moisture retention and healthier yields.

Activate, agitate and energize irrigation water to improve soil and plant (and animal) health, boost yields, and reduce inputs, fertilizer and chemicals. Reduce water consumption by 20%, optimize soil infiltration, improve moisture retention, reduce scale, use less energy and create zero by-products. Magnation applies the laws of physics to moving water. Incorporating physical laws of nature such as the Lorentz force, Fibonacci’s Golden Ratio, Venturi effect, kinetics, static mixing, vortexing and ionization, Magnation’s new generation of products amplifies the power of hydrodynamic resonance to a whole new frequency.

Proven to increase water productivity, pump efficiency, increase flow, boost soil and plant health, improve uniformity and plant vigor, induce seed germination, reverse and prevent scale, Magnation inline energy-free water systems address build up of salts, calcium, magnesium and iron bacteria without maintenance after installation.
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Turbulator (10") Aluminum


Product Description

Magnation Turbulator 10-inch inside pipe diameter

Aerospace anodized aluminum.

Installed inline pre or post-pump

Recommended for flow rates 1500-2000 gpm

Two-year money-back satisfaction guarantee

Made in USA

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